Important site information, please read!

Thank you everyone for using my Digibyte faucet! When I first programmed it I didn't know that over 500,000 people would use it and I would end up needing dedicated server hardware to run it.

Here's the news: I'm currently re writing the entire faucet script and adding support for multiple cryptocurrencies, an admin panel, user panel, better referal system, bonuses & much more! I also might make a service allowing people to start their own faucets (not sure yet on that though).

Until I get this script done and fully complete the site will be down because there is some serious issues with the old script that needs to be fixed. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience!

If you want to support my project please feel free to donate some Bitcoin: 36h4AtLhsDspvR8nv1UZxzZWVQqLQuqvZg

Thank you,